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When choosing a batting it is important to know the purpose of the project to be carried out: making a bag is not the same as making a quilt, or making a children's quilt that will possibly require more washing, or making a tapestry, etc.

The composition of the batting is also important in the face of possible allergies.

The 100% polyester batting does not shrink when washed and can even be put in the dryer.

Cotton batting usually contains a percentage of 20% polyester to avoid shrinkage when washing, although it can still shrink a little.

For large projects (for example double bed quilts) the batting can be added with specific adhesive tapes (Reference BO-100), machine sewing with a large zigzag or hand sewing with a large cross stitch.

For quilts it is important to take into account the look you want the project to have:

- Polyester batting (Reference BO-1) usually gives a hollow, spongy and flowing appearance.

- Batting with a high percentage of cotton (References BO-8 and BO-9) gives a flatter appearance to the project and by shrinking a little when washing it can give an aged appearance, ideal for country projects.

-BO-7 batting is not recommended for quilts because it is very rigid and has no drape.

- BO-2 polyester batting is thicker and fluffier which is suitable for unquilted projects, such as quick quilts. This batting, if quilted by hand or machine, can release fibers through the fabrics because the material is not pressed. On the other hand, it is ideal for quilting with buttons and bows since it enhances and takes advantage of the hollowing out of the batting, creating a quilt-type effect.

For children's quilts that usually require more washing, we recommend polyester batting (Reference BO-1) as it is easier to wash, but in case the child has atopic skin, allergies, etc. It would be more advisable to use cotton batting (References BO-8 and BO-9)

For bags we recommend thick batting with a high percentage of cotton to give consistency to the piece. (Reference BO-7)
The adhesive padding facilitates work and the stability of the bag (References BO-5, BO-6 and BO-3).
There are also stabilizers designed specifically for bags that also provide little weight.

For table runners or tapestries we recommend batting with a high percentage of cotton due to its flat and rigid appearance. (Reference BO-7)

There are also specific batting such as thermal batting (Reference BO-10) indicated for projects that have to maintain heat or cold, suitable for kitchen


If you have questions when choosing the padding for your project, you can call us at +34934232007 or send us a WhatsApp at 34646321910 and we will help you choose the padding that best suits your project.

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